Song of the day #1

That thrill you get from discovering a new band never seems to get old. I’ll be as bold to say that this particular band is the reason I have decided to start doing a series on Song of the day every time a new or old song makes me excited about music again. The idea has been there for a while but this recent discovery gave me that necessary push and reason.

The band is Niki & The Dove, and the song is You stole my heart away. It’s that instant excited feeling you get when you listen to the first verse and chorus, and you just know, thats it. The song plays with a heavy disco sound, mixed with an indie, electronica, dance sound. But overall, the disco precedes, with a thick baseline and synth sounds that slither around the vocals of Malin Dahlström.

Malin Dahlström also does the production, accompanied by Gustaf Karlöf, the 2 of them making the duo that is Niki & The Dove. The Swedish pair formed in 2010, and thanks to Apple Music I luckily found them in 2017, nearly a year after the release of their second studio album, Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now.

You stole my heart away is a break-up song, the song I wish I had when I got dumped. It’s about being broken and hollow, and dancing, and most-likely drinking…’to make the hurt go away’, very different to big softy, Lionel Richie’s song by the same name, a ballade of unbreakable love.  It reminded me of Robyn’s Dancing by myself, probably because Malin uses the same line in her song, but more than that, the punchy disco beat has that same effect of Robyn’s song, the yearning for the dance floor, a longing for Friday and the acquiring of that I don’t give a fuck attitude.

(Images taken from Niki & The Dove Facebook)

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