Song of the day #2

So today needed to be a song from the most prevalent film right now, La La Land. I saw it today and still cannot totally encapsulate my thoughts towards the film in a single sentence. It dazzled, enchanted and wowed me with colour, mesmerising character portrayals and exceptional song writing, but…yes but. It was’t what I’d hoped it would be, and I feel like the song, City of Stars, should’ve been my first clue to the underlying melancholy, but I couldn’t help but be distracted by the exuberant visuals.

The song plays here and there throughout the film, in the score, and by Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and later in a duet with Mia (Emma Stone). It’s haunting and romantic, a romance with the city, LA. A city they love but constantly get let down by. But every let down is followed by something to pull them back again, a view of the pink sunset, a dance in the street with a stranger or a person to fall in love with.

It’s such a delicate, beautiful song and you won’t be able to stop humming it after the film, as you pretend to be floating in the stars, just as the couple do on their first date.

The film’s music was composed and orchestrated by Justin Hurwitz, who is in fact director, Damien Chazelle’s Havard classmate. The music is outstanding, and if you see the film for that alone it would be totally worth your while. They’ve already picked up best original song at the Golden Globes for City of stars, as well as best original score. Here’s to hoping they win the Oscar as well.

(Image taken from LA Curbed, courtesy of Lionsgate)


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