Song of the day #3

My Instagram was flooded yesterday with photos of the women’s march that took place across the globe in the wake of Trump being sworn into presidency. The force of the march was felt even from those tiny block images on my screen, and it left me feeling so inspired for the future of feminism and the general human race. America might feel like they’re about to enter a political downward spiral, but participation in the marches, which reached over 1 millions in Washington DC alone, only proved that the the people are overflowing with strength, a strength bigger than Trump, and a strength that is not going anywhere.

In light of the sheer power of women right now, I decided to choose a classic today, and a personal favourite, You don’t own me by Lesley Gore.

This song, for my generation, was made famous by Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler in First Wives Club. Some may give a fair argument that this version is better than the original and on some occasions I might agree. The production made it faster and fuller and ultimately more power. The song was perfectly suited to the movie, which spoke of sisterhood, the empowering of women and kicking ass. No doubt whenever I hear it, I will always think of the trio, strutting  in their individual white power suits, epitomising the idea of the independent woman.

The song was released in 1963, and the opening line immediately unleashes a whole lot of attitude with Lesley saying ‘you don’t own me’. She sings like she’s scolding, getting straight to the point. It’s simple, ‘you don’t own me’, not in 1963 and still not in 2017.

Considering the plight of feminism since 1963, and how much has changed for women between then and now, anthems like this are the catharsis needed to continue to send that message.

And once again I don’t know which is better…

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