Song of the day #4

(Photography by Ingrid Pop)

So last week marked a musical moment in history when one of the all-time greats of shoegaze released their much-anticipated single Star roving, after 22 years since the release of Pygmalion. At that time Pitchfork gave Slowdive a 8.7 for the album. Could they do it again? If Star Roving is anything to go on, which it’s fairly safe to say it is, then it looks like the band may be back to their old and brilliant tricks.

 Slowdive humbly released their song via Twitter on 12 January saying ‘It’s with pride we share new song Star roving…’ Their interaction with fans and the media since they joined Twitter at the beginning of 2014, has always been really gracious and at times they seem taken aback by the reception to and appreciation for their music. That just goes to show how influential shoegaze became after the fact; fans seem to have grown exponentially over the last 2 decades, as albums became highly and widely  regarded as the classics of their time.

In Pitchfork’s review of the new track, they touched on Slowdive’s ever changing releases. Each album, stands distinctly different from each other, separating the band into 3 phases of their musical achievements.

Star roving brings with it another dimension of the band, displaying once again Slowdive’s metamorphosis. The song has a clean sound, with a more neatly, compact layering and a riff that grabs you immediately. The immersive song has Neil Halstead once again on the lead with his raspy vocals, while Rachel Goswell oooooohs in the distance. It sticks with the bands ever whimsical sound, as it wonders further into stars and space.



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