Song of the day #5

Cape Town is in the middle of a drought, but this morning, we were greeted with cloud cover, and a little later thick mist descended on the city, and at last some relief in the from of a drizzle. It won’t make a difference to the decreasing water supply, but the wetness brought with it a little hope, and some much needed energy for the plants.

There are more songs about rain than any other force of nature. You don’t often hear the lyrics of a song talking about how bright the sun is. The rain we see in movies and the rain sung about in songs is always romantic, always ideallic, yet in reality 9 times out of 10, the rain is a disgruntled topic for complaint. It’s the sun we’re after, the warmth we want. That smell of wet tar goes unappreciated far too often.

But not today. Today the soundtrack is Walking in the Rain, and it’s as if we’re strolling in Le Marais, hand-in-hand with that special someone, with a red umbrella, and a yellow sundress, and an unexpected delicate shower begins to fall, and it’s just perfect because The Ronettes say so.

Ronnie Spector sings about her dream guy being one that loves to walk in the rain, a sentiment shared by many. The multitude of films where the climatic kiss takes place in the rain is even more than there are songs about rain. If we’re honest, we all are just like Gil in Midnight in Paris, looking for someone who will walk home with us in the rain.

Walking in the rain was released in 1964 and features on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

(Featured image taken from Youtube)

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