Photos from Cape Town Art Fair 2017

Cape Town’s Art Fair took place this last weekend at the Cape Town Convention Centre, its second year at this fitting venue. I found myself saying multiple times that the fair gets better and better each year, and it does, both in execution of the event itself, the fair’s layout, the careful curation and of course the art itself, everything was stronger, proving once again that it belongs on the international stage it now stands on.

One section that had seriously been cranked up a notch  was the Magazines and Publications section adjacent to Editions. This area had finally become a main event, and a space that enabled engagement and congregating over books and prints. It was also neatly positioned towards the exit, which I’m sure managed to catch a few more eyes.

As always the gallery principles were at the epicenter both physically and creatively, with exhilarating works of explosive colour, emotive blank space, dazzling gold embellishments and knobbly layering of paint. Stevenson, What if the World and SMAC all offered a revived level of profundity at the fair this year, and this and some other pieces are highlighted in the photos below:

Book store
Georgina Matrix, SMAC Gallery
Ed Young, SMAC Gallery
Still Life With Turmoil by Wim Botha, Stevenson Gallery
Still Life With Turmoil by Wim Botha, Stevenson Gallery
Kyle Morland Blank Projects
James Webb, Blank Projects
Objects of Reminiscence Series, The Dining Room at the Lilonge, Malawi, Graeme Williams
Sarah Biggs
Kirsten Beets, Salon 91
Athi-Patra Ruga, What If The World
Athi-Patra Ruga, What If The World

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