Song of the day #7 – International Women’s Day

It’s only appropriate that the song today commemorates the women of this world. Usually i would’ve delved into the dusty to depths of music’s past but a certain song is resonating more today than that of Aretha Franklin or Patti Smith. I heard Alpha Female by Wild Beats for the first time a couple weeks ago, well I more sore it than anything else. The video was penetrating and powerful, depicting various scenes of a female skate group in Bangaldore, India. With zero knowledge of skating culture in India, streams of girls gliding through the city was the perfect summersault to those long-haired California boys  carving empty pools in backyards.

The footage was so striking that the video became more than the song, the song fueled the the footage and was so complimentary that they cannot now be mutually exclusive. But this is a good thing, because it only strengthens Wild Beast’s lyrics and intention. Doesn’t this make for a nice change from glammed up bands strumming and crooning on a cascading bright stage.

Director Sasha Rainbow saw how prevalent this particular skate movement is in the current political and social climate. She explained on Dazed that in parts of the world like India and neighbouring regions, skating doesn’t have a long history like it does in the West and it hasn’t been cemented into society as a male dominant sport. The video couldn’t be more appropriate to display the dismantling of such a stigma and just as the song suggests, a unity and the strength that lies within that.

Sartorial elements of the film really stood out. As expected, one protagonist wears Vans, a beanie and black shorts just cut above the knee, but another floats down a road in a fuchsia sari and dupatta. What is imagined to be impractical and cumbersome, becomes boundless and autonomous. And yet this is just her normal.

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